Shrimps at Topshop & Guests

Just over a week ago we announced our pop-up in Topshop, Oxford St. We were invited to be part of the very exciting Topshop & Guests event for 10 days. Our pop-up came to a very successful end last Sunday (5th June 2016) but we will continue to sell the Silkies Capsule collection online. We loved seeing all of the #ShrimpsSelfies taken inside our fitting room on Instagram. Topshop's Inside out blog have posted all about our pop up and 7 very true facts on Shrimps. Click here to read. 


Our pop-up featured an exclusing fitting room, only for Shrimps shoppers. A beautiful Shrimps window on Oxford Street showing off our peach Lisa Dress, Jules Jumpsuit and Peter Shirt matched with our Bambi Jacket and Pistachio Marnie Scarf. Our rails were filled with our Pre-Spring coats, denim jacquard pieces, Sally shirts and Silkies. We had a bright orange filing cabinet which was home to our clutch bags, mascots and scarves for the week. 


We hope you did not miss seeing our wonderful pop-up. If you did, do not worry. Here are the Topshop & Guests top picks from the week. 

Cheryl Coat , Caroline Cardigan, Lisa Dress


Cheryl coat

Caroline Cardigan

Lisa Dress



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