Shrimps Weddings                                              

Shrimps have often been a popular choice for wedding guests and brides. One of our

favourite Shrimpettes, Aimee Phillips, wore all Shrimps to her wedding last year, shoes, clutch,

coat and nails! Aimee’s pink hair, dress and accessories made her the ultimate Shrimps bride.


Aimee Phillips' Wedding

Aimee Phillips and Ian Chaloner on their Wedding Day

Aimee Phillips' Wedding Nails

Aimee Phillips' Shrimpy Something Blues


As wedding season fast approaches check out Shrimps’ suggestions for wedding outfits.

We recommend this season’s cream Organza Hermione to any soon-to-be-brides searching

for dresses. The dress is, unfortunately, sold out on our website but see Dover Street Market New

York for orders.


Cream Organza Hermione

Shrimps SS17 Presentation


See our Hermiones in green or black for Shrimpy braidsmaid dresses. 


Black and Cream Hermione   Green and Cream Hermione 


Or if you’ve been invited to any weddings this season we suggest our Adela

bags to Shrimp up your wedding outfit. 


Sage Adela Bag