Studio Blooms


As soon as we settled into our new home we decorated our studio with our favourite flowers.

The bold, floral shapes compliment our current Pre-Spring season perfectly.


Our blooms of choice are…

Rich scented Garden Rose. Particularly in shades of orange, Luckily this flower is in season May to September.



Champagne-coloured Dahlias. A tropical flower native to Mexico. This flower is related to the Daisy and Sunflower family.



Daisies. A necessity to compliment our Bambi Jacket.

Bambi Jacket


 Beautifully scented Peonies in shades of pastel pink. Our Peony arrangement sits in front of our floral Vivien Crochet Coat, which was recently featured in Streets Magazine. 

 Vinien crochet coat

Photographer: Annie Bundfuss

Stylist: Rachel Davis


Lipstick pink Hygrangeas. We like these to last us a while, so we have seared the ends in boiling water.

 Pink Hydrangea


 Whilst exploring our local area we fell in love with flower shop Scarlet & Violet

Our studio will be forever blossoming now that we have discussed our favourite flower collection.

Scarlet and Violet